hey guys this is my new song, i will be making more and better songs in the future so if you like my music please subscribe

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I think it sounds pretty cool.

Nice production bro
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Hey there... nice idea... I notice that this is not the final version... so are u going to put vocal in it??

if it was planned to be a rock instrumental song... u should probably re-do the solo or the main body of whatever instrument u want to use...(I assume u play guitar)

well... cant really say much... ur heading the rite direction... and u should finish it... and let us hear the final version...

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Spend more time nailing your parts, especially during an intro. Sloppy playing doesn't do you any favours man. Did you use Beatcraft for the drums? I can still recognise that snare and hi-hat sound after all these years.

I do like the structure, there's potentially a lot of stuff you could do with that.