Hey guys, noobish question, but since in my 3 years of playing I have not obtained a hard case...I feel this question needs to be asked.

I have a seven string, a Washburn WG587, and I need case I can pack it up in and send it cross country. As you can imagine, I'm not happy about this in the slightest. I've been looking for a hard case with which I can trust my child to make it across alright in, but as of yet the cases I'm seeing barely fit telecasters, and since 7 strings are ERGs, I'm assuming the scale length of the guitar will make it not fit in these cases.

Any of you seven stringers out there have a good case to reccomend that wont break the bank?

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you need to get a Bass case to fit the 7 string as the ERG scale length will not allow it to fit in a regular Guitar case.
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I have a 26.5" scale guitar and it fits in a normal case.


My 7-string fits in the same case that my 6-strings do.
go to a guitar store (even guitar center) tell them what you need and what you have. bring your guitar and try out a few cases. you aren't going to find the perfect one on the internet on time.

unless your 7 string is a baritone, it should fit in any normal guitar case. try measuring out the fretboard (or just looking up the guitar specs) and if its between 25.5 and 26 its pretty standard. I have an Ibanez 7 string and it fits in the Ibanez 6 string's case. but i have an esp 8 string, and because it has an extended scale (and a rediculous headstock) i need a new case, so i did what i told you.

you MIGHT be able to contact washburn and ask if they make a case for it, too. but that will take a good week for a response, longer if you want a human response
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ERG = Extended Range Guitar.

I know Coffin Cases are usually a little longer then other guitar cases but just to be sure measure form the top of the headstock to the other end of the guitar. The length should be the only factor here.
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