Hey now!
This song is definitely full of substance, just like the finale (imo).

Overall, it's pretty damn majestic. The flow suggests that you've been working on this for a while, which would mean the title is probably a revision. Unless you wrote this all in the last 24 hours, at which I'm amazed. It's very well bodied, with no inherent weak spots. That is the type of music that people should be pushing for.

Series finale was intense dood. It was always intended to be a character driven show, not an hour of mystery. To each their own.

EDIT: haha, I went through your song again, and realized that it basically opens at point A to close at point B. Idk if that was intentional jab at the show, but it is interesting to note.
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I've got nothing to really say that's bad about this song.

The way the guitars intertwined and the bass kept things under control on the bottom was well done. I especially liked the use of the low guitar line at the end of Verse 1. It just hit really hard for me. The transition to 4/4 time was very smooth and the variation it provided kept me very interested. I loved how you brought back part A as a Verse and the leadin to the chorus was solid again.

I have a few complaints though.
I thought B was excellent, but I think you should have more going on with the bass part. You had the guitars play off each other so well, why not give the bass a chance? It'll definitely make things more interesting. The bass actually plays a backseat role through the entire song, which is good in some areas where the guitars already make things pretty thick, but not good in some where the sound is a little thin. Try picking places where variation in the bassline can spice things up a little.

Great work
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