So basically my friend says that he broke his ankle while rollerblading. But is that even possible? Your foot is strapped in their pretty good, like your ankle cant even move when you have rollerblades on.

I think he's faking it, as an excuse not to work. He hasnt worked in like two years lol

You can break alot of things while rollerbladding. Incontinence is pretty common too.
I don't think it's possible, unless he was using an old cloth/leather boot with NO support.

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if he didnt strap his foot in right, it could happen easily. otherwise, maybe he hurt it and is just exagerating.
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Rollerbladding is fun. Rollerblading is just gay though.

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I don't see why not.

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Exactly, so if you land at an awkward angle you're stuffed because your foot is locked in one position.

This. I'm pretty sure it's very possible.
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I hope he did break his ankle, I hate rollerblading
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It's possible because of the fact that like you said, is locked in one position with no ability to move around for impact if it lands funny.
A LOT of people have broken their ankle while rollerblading.
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Possible and likely. Already been said why, though if you have cheapass skates like I do they'll loosen up as you go. Which is uncomfortable as hell but I guess safer? Who knew


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