Picture below is the exact one I have

Problem: When pressure is applied on the saddle, it would make strange popping noises. But popping noise only happens when pressure is applied the right side of the saddle (where the highest and thinnest three strings rest on)

This pickup on my vester 577 seems commonly used. Like the Dean exotica FM uses this EQ7545 under saddle Piezo Pickup & Preamp System.

This guitar is having a heel separation, and needs a neck reset that cost alot of money! Would like to fix the pick up problem before addressing to the neck reset.

Took this video for you guys to visualize the problem =)

Here's a tutorial on how to install one from scratch:
Well, piezo's work on vibrations, so its most likely something moving and hitting the piezo element when pressure is applied to the bridge.
it sounds like 2 wires touching that arent supposed to be. or maybe something thats supposed to be connected becoming connected/disconnected. if theres some way to check the wires and make sure all the connections are good and/or nothings touching that isnt supposed to be then do that.
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