Tonight is my friend Richie's first slot on a Brighton (England) based radio show and it'd be great if any of you would be up for tuning in and giving feedback on the format / pace etc. or any general feedback.

Firstly, the subject of the show is up and coming ska, punk, ska-core and street punk bands from Brighton and the surrounding areas and general commentary on the Brighton scene. If you're not interested do not continue!

The show runs from 8pm-9pm tonight and a link to the stream can be found on this site;

Cheers in advanced to any that gives a listen!
Just listening now.

I couldn't make out what the DJ was actually saying, he sounded northern though, so that could be it.

So I don't know what these songs I'm listening to are. They're quite good though.

Oh wait, they're reading out the comments. Someone said "where's the punk?" and someone else requested T Rex.
There were some good stuff played on it, check the website because it probably has the myspace links.

Asbo Retards were probably the best band on there.

The actual segments between songs were by and large the banal part, mainly due to the fact that it was a bunch of friends with in-jokes.