I've got a Aria PE Deluxe for trade or for sale i would prefer to do a face to face deal i live in the south, but i will do post it if necessary.

i will take pictures if there is interest in the guitar, I barely touched the guitar and its practically brand new.
I got it on the 28th of december

heres a link of the guitar

If you are interested in buying name the price you would buy it for and i will consider

Thanks in advance
i'll throw in a Fender Mini Tone-Master OR a BBE Sounds AM64 pedal absolutely free if anyone wants
I'm looking for offers around £270 if that helps or a amp head or a guitar for trade i'll take anything LITERARY
bump (someone has to be interested i'd take nearly anything)
will take offers around £240 for the guitar only and i will take nearly anything in a trade the guitar is nearly new and barely new it has a nice sound and it has duncan designed pick ups.
offers still open please tell me if theres anything to sweatin the deal
Price drop £225 and all trades will be considered (I prefer an amp head or a another good preowned guitar.) Please post if interested.