Hey guys i was wondering, should i get an Agile guitar? i heard there really great. here are some of the guitars i will be chosing from. please tell me if there worth it or not. thanks

[url="http://www.rondomusic.com/product1892.html ]Agile Dauntless EMG Black Floyd Rose

Agile AL-3100 White Gold

Agile AL-3000 Tribal Blue

Agile TC-730 MN VWH

My parents are really stick on the prices, so thats why i decided to check out Agile guitars
I like that Tele Thinline copy. Get that one or the Dauntless if you are going to buy one of those.

Even if you are going to buy an Agile, I would recommend going to a guitar store and trying out the guitars they are based on to make sure its the kind of feel and sound you want. Print out the Specs and find the closest guitar you can find to try out.
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