@GG&A guys who saw this in EG: I'm posting it here since this is basically my usual haunt, and I know a lot of the regulars here can help me as much or more =P Maybe it isn't as fast, but I know that the people here have a tendency to get it right.

Alright, I'm looking for a good semi-hollow guitar. I'd rather it not feedback under high volume/gain, though I doubt that's really something I can avoid. I like the ES-335 body style, though I don't think I can afford an ES-335. Really, a great neck on it will suffice. Prefer that it be set at least at or after the 17th fret. The actual cut-outs are necessarily required, so long as it is as loud acoustically as it oughta be (So something like a Lucille is on the table). No P-90s, but that's really my only "no-this" request.


Price Range: Around 1,000$
Will go used/Internet to buy
Prefer ES-335 (and Gibsons in general, really), but just want a really good neck (17th set fret or later)
F-holes non-sessential if it'll still project a little acoustically
Avoid feedback as much as possible
Jazz, blues, and rock (emphasis on jazz and blues here)
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Epiphone Sheraton or Ibanez AS103 are both excellent choices. Washburn also makes one that gets good reviews but I've never played one of those.