Okay so I need help deciding if I really need the ISP Decimator G-String version or just the regular one. From what I've read most modulation effects make no noise anyway?
I'm thinking of running it like this.: guitar>wah>tubescreamer>EQ>ISPDecimator>Delay>Amp>FX Loop> Chorus>Flanger> Tuner>End Loop

Would there be any benefit of getting the G-String?

Also should my tuner be in front of the amp? Or does it matter since I'm only using the FX loop for chorus and flanger?
Well, depends how noisy your amp itself is. In my situation, a g-string wouldn't be too bad because the amp makes a little noise when turned up loud. But if its only your guitar making noise and not the amp itself you don't need a g-string.
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Oh sorry. I knew i forgot something >.<. I'm playing through a peavey XXX head. I guess I didn't think about running it in the FX loop to quiet the amp down I was just thinking about pedal noise. =/ Looks like I might need the G-string after all.
The primary reason for putting a G-string in your loop is to gate preamp hum. I would actually run it before most modulation pedals, as I wouldn't want to gate reverb or delay units, as it would cut off part of the effect.

Why is your tuner in the effects loop after your modulation??? That seems terribly unhelpful
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Why is your tuner in the effects loop after your modulation??? That seems terribly unhelpful

It's not right now. I was just throwing it there in my model. I google'd it. I'll just put it after my guitar hehe.

EDIT: What do you guys think about just buying two seperate decimators? Would that work better than the G-String version? The threshold I would need to set for the preamp hum is a lot less than the pedal noise I think. So having two decimators (high threshold before the amp, lower threshold in the FX loop) would be the most effective method right?
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Yeah, I've struggled with that as well. The problem with the two decimater idea is that the G-string uses the tighter gating of the rack version...

>.<. Damn you ISP.