Hey guys!!!
I am trying to start a band called "Electric P!nk". We so far have a guitarist, a drummer and a triangle/tamborine player (LoL) . Just wanted to know do you have any tips for me and what do you need to start a band?

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Post all the tabs to all of your songs right here in this thread so we can discuss them.
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Hey, all the best with the new band....

Here are 6 tips i feel may help u along the way:

1. Start out by covering songs that each member of the band likes and agrees on.
2. Have set times for practice every week and do your best to be consistent with practice.
3. Make sure that you listen to each other, not only whilst playing your instruments but also while discussing band related issues as communication is a key aspect in allowing a band to run efficiently.
4. When it comes to song writing each individual in the band will have to be prepared to take some criticism from fellow band mates, can be hard for some players but always remind each other its for the good of the band/music.
5. If disagreements occur always try a compromise
6. HAVE FUN (most important rule of them all)