I bought a tube amp used about a month ago. Sounded great at the guy's place and then great when I took it home. Then when I was playing it a little while ago, the volume suddenly died, about in half, and on top of it there was this fizzy distortion to it (was playing on the totally clean setting). I thought it might be something with my guitar since I had some problems with static with my other SS amp. I didn't look that much into it, plus I was real busy at the time.

So the problem didn't come back until yesterday. The same thing happened. Loss of volume with a fizzy sounding break up/distortion. When I flipped the power switch off and on real quick, same problem was there. When I flipped off and gave the amp a few seconds to cool, and flipped it back on, problem gone.

So the problem popped it's head up twice for playing a total of about 30 hours or so on the thing. I know it's not the guitar because I switched out guitars and the problem was still there. Has anybody had this problem with their tube amps?
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Perhaps it is just your tubes are wearing out mate and they need replacing, as it sounds like the electricity is getting put through your tube or Pre amp and it's dieing as the tube cannot conduct the electricity properly. Just a thought?
Sounds like a blown valve.
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Could be a tube issue or a filter cap failing as well.
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