Hey, I listened to both songs, and I liked the first one better. You ought to post a link up to that one too! I thought that one had more variation, and held attention a lot better. You had more instruments and layers, and a definitive structure set out. It could use a bit of tweaking, I would expand on the segment where you were soloing, I think you could get more out of the song there. The chorus was good and I liked the use of strings in there, it added a lot to the type of sound you're going for. The shorter song was really repetitive, it was played and recorded alright, it just didn't do a whole lot. I understand it's not finished yet, so keep at it, and add a lot of changes. There is a whole lot more you could do with rhythm guitar instead of lead, just some simple power metal type riffs even.

Keep it up, write material, jam, and come up with more ideas. This is a good start, and I think there is a lot of potential here.

If you want to c4c, here is mine- https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1312738
listening to it now, and overall it has a very Pirate like vibe to it. I don't really dig the Lead Tone very much... theres just something about it that seems... Muddy... though when you when you get to the second octave around 1;50 or so that tone fits well so idk... maybe change up the sound or something... otherwise its very strong on its own. I don't think you should add anymore, opinion ofcourse, since your description about 2 mins of awesomeness vs. 5 min. of suck is a very strong arguement.

great song all in all!


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Thanks, yea the 2ond one is pretty much finished, the lead guitar sound... I know that it sounds kinda off on the lower octave... but it's recorded in my home studio(laptop+sound card+programs), so I suppose it's still pretty good, I'll check your songs when I get back from school, my bus leaves in 20min and I've to go :P

Here's the 1st one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgK4wFO6lYs

a longer and more diverse in instruments song, do you guys think it's appropriate to play such music live? (the 1st one I mean)
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I'd describe the genre as Viking metal or something of that nature. It is pretty repetitive, but it has potential. You should continue with this idea and throw in some more changes and maybe some harmonies. I wouldn't stop there and say it's finished, this could be made so much more interesting and epic.

Could you crit mine?
I just ran out of ideas, so I continued working on other songs, I don't really enjoy complicated music, I like KISS principle(Keep It Simple and Stupid), so I just write some kinda cool lead track and make it repeat, I make it repeat only as long as it doesn't get boring, and it seems that by far it didn't ), I'm very happy with how rhythm guitar sounds, but I do admit that lead guitar sound a little "dull"
I didn't like the tone at all but I thought the solo was pretty cool. Yeah it was a bit repetitive but still a cool solo, it sounds like something I would hear in an old Pirate game for like super nintendo or something. What did you use to record this?

Take a look at the songs in my profile and let me know what you think.
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I connect my guitar to my korg pedal, and from pedal to my outer sound card, and then record. Program doesn't really matter at this matter, though I reckon I could use some additional to make a better lead sound.
Well I wish I could help you more with the tone but I don't know a thing about Korg pedals.
thanks for you comment on my cover of the Night, by Disturbed.

Well, I didn't really dig into the 2nd song (the one you posted this thread for), it's very repetitive, and like the others have already said, the tone of the lead guitar is not that good. By the way, the idea is here, you should try to re-write it, trying to make it more varied. Maybe the rythm guitar could have a more important role in it. Some harmonies could be cool too. I think you can get a better song of it !

For the last one (the ballad), it's pretty good ! Remembers me a little Unforgiven by Metallica at some times, don't know what. (at 0:51).
To make it even better, I think you could put some drums in it, or make it become more nervous in the end.

I really think you should spend more time on your ideas, because they are quite good.
Keep it on !
The problem is, my rhythm guitarist .. well "not so good", I'd love to make it harder and cooler but he wouldn't handle it live.