We are looking for some new songs for our band that mainly plays bars with a 20 - 30 yr old tourist crowd from all over the place. Songs that are both mellow, then heavy, are always good. We have 2 guitarists, the other has a nice acoustic and great clean electric sound, I use a 6505 and EMGs.

We do some Weezer, (say it ain't so) and Greenday, but we're kind of tired of the old rock songs that everyone had been playing for decades.

Any good songs (that are popular and post 80s) you could suggest would be great.

Also since it's a Caribbean island, we do some reggae, if anyone knows any heavy songs with a reggae feel, not necessarily popular.


Edit: -v- yeah, Wheatus does teenage dirtbag, I'm thick sometimes
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You might want to look at alot of alternative rock, cause it pretty much specializes in extreme dynamics from going soft to loud and whatnot.

There are endless songs to name, by try Lightning Crashes - Live. ?
Its not exactly heavy but it picks up and starts mellow.

edit: Tomorrow - Silverchair.
Fit your description?
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Jam Bands esp. Grateful Dead FUCK YO HEAVY

haha jk man if you want reggae with a heavy punk feel try sublime
also try pretty much any alternative
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Starts clean, ends heavier?

Sounds like any Foo Fighters single would be the best the best the best the best for you.


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The Way and Out of My Head by Fastball.

Incubus songs. Drive is a good one.

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Heavy and Mellow? You don't get better than Ghost of Perdition - Opeth

The Expendables do get metal/reggae tunes.
The expendables is a good suggestions. Check out the song take a ticket. It switches from heavy to reggae.
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Cemetary Gates is mellow then heavy.
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Cemetary Gates is mellow then heavy.

love that one

also The count of tuscany by dream theater
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If you want some reggae feeling stuff check out Skindred. They're kind of reggae/rock/metal-ish. And they have a cool cover of Electric Avenue.
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Some great songs, thanks to all. Some Expendables is a definite.
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Demon Cleaner by Kyuss

EDIT: Ohh, mellow then heavy.. not both. Disregard the above in all likelihood
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Maybe some mellower bob marley, if you want?
Waiting in vain would be good, methinks.
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Question!, by System of a Down.

I can't believe nobody had mentioned it so far .


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Queens of the Stone Age is what popped into my head when I opened the page. My band does "Make It Wit Chu" and it always gets a good response, although Go With The Flow is a bit heavier if that's what you're after. Some Doors stuff might fit the bill - LA Woman?
Devin Townsend's stuff, try Synchestra.

Cynic, Traced in Air is more mellow but still with heavier guitar playing.
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Yeah it is. Dunno where he got Weezer, their singers don't sound a like at all IMO.

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Joe Walsh does some rock stuff with reggae beats. Not really heavy though.
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