Will it work without routing? Is a bass neck the same bolt on rectangle as a stratocaster because that is what i would be putting it on?
It depends what brand body and what brand neck you're using. I'm not certain but I suppose there is a chance you could bolt it on without routing, however you would need to change all the hardware on the body, mostly bridge, which would more likely require routing. There is also a large chance that your scale length would get messed up, that depends on bridge placement at that point.
tl;dr: Maybe.
You could, but you'd need to change the hardware, and electronics. But the neck joint maybe wouldn't need routing. Depends how thick the neck is of the bass and guitars. I don't see why it isn't possible.
Well you'll most certainly need to move the bridge.

and there may be a difference in the neck pocket size, but that could be fixed quickly with a chisel.
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