Hey guys i was wondering, should i get an Agile guitar? i heard there really great. here are some of the guitars i will be chosing from. please tell me if there worth it or not. thanks

http://www.rondomusic.com/product1892.html ]Agile Dauntless EMG Black Floyd Rose

Agile AL-3100 White Gold

Agile AL-3000 Tribal Blue

Agile TC-730 MN VWH

My parents are really stick on the prices, so thats why i decided to check out Agile guitars
Since you're in Canada, you may be able to get hold of Vintage Advance models for less than the Agiles cost - and Vintage Advance guitars eare arguably better. If you really wan the Floyd, Epiphone and ESP/LTD both make LP guitars with Floyds that are debatably better (certainly the LTD is).

Truth is, all these sorts of copy brands are the same. Hell, most of them are even made in the same few factories with the same parts, just with different logos slapped on the headstocks. With a company like Epiphone you're paying a little more to get the ''real'' bodyshape, higher resale value and the knowledge that it will be compatible with nearly all aftermarket parts should you wish to upgrade, with Vintage and Vintage Advance you're getting higher quality electronics and hardware right off the shelf, with Tokai you have the option of paying a little more and getting slightly better woods, with Agile you're actually not getting anything special really but that does also mean they're the cheapest in some countries.

Long story short: yes, those Agiles are fine. But contrary to what some people online would have you believe, Agiles is not the only guitar manufacturer in the world and since you're in Canada you have many more options available to you, some of which are arguably better choices.
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If you're scouting guitars on a tight budget then Agile is a very good choice.
They're comparable to Epiphone for much less the money. Go for it!

My choice would be this one: http://www.rondomusic.com/product2570.html

Edit: Be warned, though. The shipping will mostly be quite high to Canada. I would guess around 100USD.

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