Summer is upon us, and the sandy beaches call for acoustic songs to be played by the sea.

Personally, I like classical spanish songs, like Romance or Asturias. Especially when played by the fire at night.

So, why don't we make a special thread for recommending summer tunes?

I start and I say:

Spanish Romance
Leyenda Asturias
Jack Johnson songs... Constellations etc...

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summer songs man
I can think of some very randomly different songs
not necessarily acoustic though
The Coral are sick for acoustic campfire songs
anyway songs I think are worthy of being "Summer Tunes"

Waves - Guthrie Govan
Eostre - Forefather
In The Morning - The Coral

Apart from the coral, not exactly possble to play alone on an acoustic
but you could at least blast them out of some speakers on the beach
Mr Blue sky
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How about a little Y&T Summertime Girls! Or Don Henley The Boys Of Summer.
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Cool, thanks for the contributions guys.

Does anyone know any other finger-picked tunes like Spanish Romance? No singing, just guitar.

eg Nothing Else Matters-Intro

Or something spanish.
Testament d'Amelia, simple but beautiful.

Capricho Arabe. Probably not too campfireish but wth.

Villa Lobos preludes 1-4 or how many there happen to be. Some are easy, others tricky as all hell.

Personally I don't think classical pieces are very good for "wowing". Especially not in the summer, more of a winter type fireplace in the dark feeling.

Need to second the Jack Johnson tip, but please only play songs from the first CD . You don't even have to sing really, it's all about the feel. See if you can find pre-arranged solo guitar versions. Or maybe try to make it your own somehow.
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Personally I don't think classical pieces are very good for "wowing". Especially not in the summer, more of a winter type fireplace in the dark feeling.

I have to agree, most listeners don't find much interesting about solo classical guitar pieces. Though if you're looking for some more TS, try Lagrima and Pavana by Francisco Tarrega. They are very nice, smooth, beautiful pieces.
Rollin Through The Sunshine - Trailer Choir
I forget teh name of it but it's by LoCash Cowboys
and This Afternoon - Nickelback.
Good to play at parties. Just sayin.
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Outside by Staind
Tribute by Tenacious D
Master Exploder by Tenacious D
Far Behind by Candlebox
The Man Who Sold the World by Nirvana
Castles Made of Sand by Jimi Hendrix
All Apologies by Nirvana
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam
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