Hey, I'm looking to record acoustic guitar, along with some vocals here and there. I'll be using my computer as a workstation, and most likely be using a free editing program.

I know I need an interface, and preferably, a condenser mic, but I'm not sure exactly what brands/models to look into. Any suggestions for some decent equipment for around $200?

Also, I write mostly instrumental music, but I'd like to add vocals for some pieces. Is this possible with one mic? Or would a cheap dynamic mic be better?

Any help appreciated, thanks.
How are those monitor speakers?

I'm still looking for some nice monitors!
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They're cheap but get the job done.

In my opinion, you don't get anything in the way of a good pair of monitors till you hit the $300 range. A pair of KRK Rockit 5s which are $150 a speaker in the US is probably the best budget monitors out there.
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