whats your favorites?

looking for some inspiration for a project but i mainly listen to Explosions which dont have bassist i think?
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Justin Chancellor from Tool. He's deadly.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhjG47gtMCo

Also I just discovered this band and the bass tone is sexy!


why post two videos to bands that arn't even post rock?

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yeah tool and porcupine tree arent post rock

and thanks Giaco, just listen to songs for out fathers, never heard that before
Seconding Mogwai.

However, if you want to make good post-rock it's has to be original, so don't try and imitate anyone else's playing style. In post-rock there's plenty of room for you to just be yourself.
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Songs for our Father by Explosions in the Sky is one of the quintessential basslines to learn (it sounded amazing live when i saw them last year), and I'd have to say the bassline in Summer by Mogwai is also pretty awesome even though it's pretty simple.
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why post two videos to bands that arn't even post rock?

my thoughts exactly
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Look into the Air - Explosions in the Sky is possibly one of my favourite bass parts ever.
Also, Glisoli - Sigur Ros, Black Path - Aereogramme, Like Herod - Mogwai...
Strangers Dance
To Feel
Something Close
To Love
But I Don't
Feel Warm Tonight.
God Is An Astronaut are fantastic (as are PT, but as mentioned earlier, they're not post-rock).
Mogwai does have good basslines, Maybeshewill's are fairly simple, Ratatat are a bit more electronic but damn that's good bass. This Will Destroy you are fairly standard tbh, but it's an example of post-rock bass in action. 65daysofstatic are immense in every way, last time I saw them live the basssist broke his E string, threw the bass to his tech across the stage, and caught a new one. BAMF.
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Olsen Olsen by SIgur Ros

this, and ny batteri are also really awesome.