Selling an American made ampeg 410.

For those of you who dont know, ampeg moved their production to vietnam some time ago, so the old USA cabs are very sought after (considering ampegs new line of USA made gear is WAY overpriced.)

Im selling this 1000W (500W RMS) cabinet for $500.00

It is clearly used, as there are many visible tolex tears that i have patched up so they dont stick out. It is also missing the original rubber feet, but i will throw in 4 new ones that I bought on my own if the cab is bought.

Aside from those 2 thing everything is as it should be. Speakers are all in GREAT condition, this thing is LOUD and sounds amazing. Wheels, casters, handles etc all in great condition.

if interested post in this thread or send me an email at dmg01@optonline.net