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So how many of you nerds have a block schedule? (Instead of a 45 minute period every day, you have a 90 minute period every other day).

This only applies to high school students. All you middle school idiots can't vote.

Also I have no idea what the education system is like outside of MURIKA, so if you're from anywhere besides MURIKA feel free to further explain your schedule.

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Also, you aren't in middle school, so it's only 2 now.
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I have 7 55-minute classes, and a 35-minute Homeroom every day.


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I voted yes, but we have a different block scheduling. We have 8 classes and 4 different rotational days.

A Day: periods 4, 1, 2, lunch, 9, 6, 7
B Day: periods 3, 4, 1, lunch, 8, 9, 6
C Day: periods 2, 3, 4, lunch, 7, 8, 9
D Day: periods 1, 2, 3, lunch, 6, 7, 8
Last year I was on 6 45-minute classes and a 90 minute one that alternated every other day. But now I'm on 4 90 minute classes that go on for half the year, then switch classes.
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My old school had 4 periods for an hour and a half each, and most would switch for the second half of the year.
The school I finished high school at had 3 "normal" classes, then a block, then 2 more normals. The block would change second half, but the rest were all year.
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What is this spectacle you speak of? Blocks? Like toys for building!?

are you that stupid that you cant tell that he is talking about Schedules?
its in the title

im guessing youre from Murika too
Yeah, but not as you described. We have five 80 minute blocks a day. But main courses are every day (not every other), and run for half a year.
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I don't like an entire hour and a half per class, but I do like changing classes at the semester change.

My school does block scheduling, obviously.

EDIT: We have four hour and a half classes a day that change at the semester (except for freshman, who have alternating class days all year long, and AP classes do an A/B schedule too).
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I have/had 2 hour block sessions
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But I've had both block and traditional schedules, and can tell you clock is horrible.


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My school has that, Their changing next year, if there is one, my school is the most ****ed up school ever. but as of now out class runs this.

5 classes split up into 4 90 min blocks two classes alternate on the days so. i'll choose b to be the split block.

A B2 C B2 D
B1 C D C A
C D A D B1
D A B1 A C

With a 15 minuete Break inbetween periods.

Now we have a 1 and a half minuete passing ( not joking and their Nazi's on being late)

and Third block is about 2 hours for lunches, wich there are three, one at the begining of 3 block, having the start of class at 12:00-12:36, 2nd lunch starts the class at 11:30, then lunch is at 12:25- 12-45, then the class resumes until 12:36. and the final lunch pins the class at starting at 11:30, and ending at 12:08 when the lunch begins to 12:36.

If anyone can grasp this concept good luck to you, but its exactly how my school runs. no wonder were cutting sports, all music and art programs, clubs, honors, 75% of the teachers, and increasing class sizes to 50+ and making it a 7 block schedule.. I'm gonna love senior year.
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At my old school we had four 85 minute blocks a day, the same schedule every day. At my new school we have eight 48ish minute periods a day, with the same schedule every day subtract having double science classes twice a week instead of PE.
In university we have block week, where you can finish an easy course by going to it all day for a week. It's stressful but it's good to get a course out of the way in just a week. I guess since this is about high school though; I remember we had 4 90min classes per day, and only the order of them changed each day of the week.
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We have four 85 minute blocks per day, with lunch/study hall period that lasts an hour between blocks 3 and 4. Then after 4 1/2 weeks we change to different classes.

However, next year they're getting a new schedule that will be really f*cked up.
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When I was at school we had 5 lessons a day, each with a one hour slot (though really they were less as you needed 5 minutes between each to go to the next).

This would be:
Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
Period 4
Period 5

In sixth form you had 4 subjects and...

Oh **** it, why am I bothering describing this? I certainly couldn't care less what anyone else does, why you would want to hear what I do?
I have blocks as you described. 4 each day, alternating each day. Wednesdays we get out two hours early, and class times are cut back to like 70 minutes.
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are you that stupid that you cant tell that he is talking about Schedules?
its in the title

im guessing youre from Murika too

I believe you're the stupid one who doesn't get sarcasm...

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4 80 minute classes a day. Semesters and common lunch means that classes never switch, it's a beautiful thing.
I had one in High school and Jr high.... kind of dumb
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i need the repetition of the material everyday, otherwise i'll forget =p my school had it for one year and then we changed it back, thankfully =p
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Same 55-minute classes every day, with the occasional 15-minute homeroom.
I have had block scheduling since the 6th grade. Four 90 minute classes each day.
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Our school provides 2 types of block classes. One is a block (called "Block" of all things )of social studies and language arts where the teachers just have more time to teach, and the second is a combination (called "Combo") where the two coursed are integrated. I personally dont take them (I tried freshman year, but couldnt because they werent able to fit me in.)
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We have A and B days.

A 1,2,3,4,5
B 6,7,8,10,9

Four and tenth block are the same class which is the only class I have every day.( The only 45 min class)

We have 3 lunches: 1st is at 11:24, 2nd is 12:05 and 3rd is at 12:49.

We also have T-time which starts at 7:50. If you're a junior or senior you don't have to go. So our real classes don't start until 8:15.

Then we have our flex periods if you're a senior which means you don't have to go to first or fifth block on a and b days.

We have a weird school
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