I have Laney LV100 amp (http://www.laney.co.uk/show_prod.php?prod=lv100) and it served me very well, but i needed something that would kick volume and gain for solo so i bought boss ds-2, for clean channel it works fine but when you switch to overdrive channel and you also kick ds-2 only thing that level knobs on ds-2 does(volume knob) is that its adding more noise,but it doesnt affects volume( with noise i mean that bad noise u know i dont rly know how to express myself now,that thing that noise gate cuts:P).This is with connection setting guitar-cable-ds-2-cable-amp.When you put it into fx send and return(guitar -cable-amp-send-cable-ds-2-cable-return), it fixes volume problem and level knob is working fine but the sound is just....awfull(you dont even want to hear that like 8 bit computer).So why is that?With other amps i tried(friends marshall and behringer) it worked ok on both channels.If you have any advice or solution pls help me.

Hope that my question is not that stupid as it sounds to me