Would this work? I dont think the "to amp" jack would work. how should i wire this, or is it fine? the diagram is in attachments.
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That diagram is rather convoluted, but from what I understand, you want to run 9V in addition to the guitar signal through the cable. I designed a two part system to do this with just a common stereo cable, no need for XLR or other non guitar common cables. I'll go grab my diagrams.

Diagrams are pretty self explanatory. Just for this case, disregard the 9V jack in the guitar diagram.

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Thank you very much! That solves my problem.

Have you actually built this? I read somewhere that the separate contacts (TRS) touching as you plug it in and out would short or damage it. (ex. ring contact touching tip as it plugs in.) Maybe this only applies to higher voltages.
I would only turn it on once you've plugged it in just to be safe, but it really shouldn't matter. You could wire a SPST toggle switch in the pedal between the middle jack lug and the 9V jack to feel safe if you want.