Sounds awesome.

I love double drop D as well. It's underrated as a tuning, personally.
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Yes, I for one are one of the people who never really delve into anything different than normal drop tunings and standards.

You can get some really beautiful stuff out of open chord tunings and like you said, double dropping!
Hey man it sounds good. Heres what i gotta say though. First off its a bit of a long piece for the fact that there is not to much that is going on. What is there sounds good and is pretty, just not enough to warrant a 3 minute instrumental. Unless its sort of a background thing, than i dig it.

I think you got the foundation of something for sure. The recording could be a little warmer, if you add a little more mids to lows on it.

Sounds good though man, keep it up.

If you don't mind checking out my tune here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1308950. It will lead you to my forum post about my e.p. all three of the songs are in alternate tuning so i think you might dig it.
The one called "come for you" is in open G. id suggest that.

thanks man and rock on