In the process of repainting my guitar the wood on the fretboard of my SG got a little dusty and i think somewhat ruined by being taped over for an extended period of time. Honestly i cant even remember what it looked like before i started my month long sanding and painting project lol, but all i know is that i do not like it now. It also sat in a closet for about 2 years after that (just pulled it out this afternoon). Anyways i was wondering if there was any way to a.) make it look nicer with little work or b.) refinish it without doing anything that an amateur couldn't do. I'm not sure what wood the board is or even what model number the guitar is. If i had to guess i would say maple with a dark finish but that is at best a complete and total guess. Thanks for any help anyone can offer. Oh and it isn't a bolt on so replacing isn't option (at least i don't think >.>
It's Rosewood, I'm unaware of SGs with Maple fretboards.

You'll need to remove as much gunk as you can, then moisturize/condition it with Lemon Oil (for fretboards). Giving it a Faux Ebony finish is another option if you're handy with these things.