Hey guys, im getting a new guitar soon and currently im throwing up between the ibanez rgr421exfm or the ESP viper 200 FM.

Personally im leaning towards the ibanez because i dont know much about the ESP but i figured it would be good to get a second opinion before making the purchase, So whats your opinion?
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Go with the Ibanez, IMO the viper has a very.. non-smooth neck, and the shape is gross, but if your getting the ibanez rg, chances are you'll have the floyd rose, and you will have 24 frets, so its not really an argument, if your gonna get an esp, get a Horizon fr 2
The Viper has better pickups and more versatility due to it's coil taps. I love my M-200FM to pieces.

They're definitely have a very different feel though. Besides the different necks, the Viper has a 34.75" scale, the Ibanez has a 25.5" scale. The Viper has a set neck, the Ibanez has a bolt on.
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The ibanez rgr does not come with the floyd rose but at the moment i'm intentionally looking for a guitar without a floyd rose at the moment. Anyway im quite sure im going to with the ibanez now because i can also get it about 100 bucks cheaper ( i live in Australia and everything is ridiculously overpriced here)

unless someone else wants to suggest a different guitar around the same price range as those too?