This contest is all about the best solo. I dont care what band plays it plays it, or if it is an original. I will base the winner on 1.How correct it is, 2.How clean it is, 3.Who has the least messupsand 4. Wich one is the best. The winner will recieve email's from the latest guitar dvd's that u can buy and gear deals. they will also recieve hints and tips on Techniques,soloing, riffs, and a whole lot of other stuff...GOOD LUCK
Since I'm lazy I didn't want to record a new one and I didn't know which one to choose ill just let you decide.. :P

Anything for You (solo) by Mr.Big
Just Take My Heart (solo) by Mr.Big
Seize the Day (solo) by Avenged Sevenfold

Edit: WOW this is an old thread.... -.- nice job...
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ok i know im announcing this late but Micheal Pardo is the solo contest winner. Micheal Pardo, all u need to is send me a message with your email address and ill send you the stuff.
My stuff is under the profile name of logicbdj

Any song you choose. I prefer Hard & Soft, but Ode to Jimi and Drive Me would stand up. For Satriani fans, maybe more like The Traveler.
Is this forum alive ? I remember 3 years ago this place was hot, I used to host new contests every other week..

What the hell happened here ? All I see is 3 threads
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.