School's almost out, summer's nearly here!

...and once again I'm unemployed thanks to the crappy economy I have no job

So to kill time I was thinking that maybe I could make my own guitar? It sounds like it could be fun, I have the tools in my garage and I think I could make enough money from working for Big Brother out in the fields

But before I go crazy and start planning on where I'm going to be putting the fireworks launcher and flamethrower on this beast there's a few things I think I should look inot 1st. And where better to get guitar questions answered than Ultimate Guitar?

1: Pre-Made Necks: I'm no carpenter, so to save myslef time and countless headaches I wouldn't mind buying a prefabricated neck/ headstock. I checked out Warmoth and I have to say...with prices like that I'd be better off buying a guitar than making one...does anyone know a good site for premade necks/ headstocks?

2: Pickup/ Electronics: Never soddered before in my life. I'm willingot learn but I may not be able to find someone to teach me. How much would I be looking at to have a local shop install the pickups and electronics?

NOTE: pseaking of pickups how would an Seymor Duncan Yngwie Malmstien signature in the neck positions and an active EMG Humbucker at the bridge sound do you think?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Have a good one,
Have a good one,
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You're not going to find great quality necks for much less than at Warmoth. I highly recommend learning to solder, because you're looking at $50+ for installation of the electronics alone, which is ridiculous compared to the $15-20 you could spend doing it yourself, assuming you had none of the materials required for soldering. As for the pickups: Which EMG?

Also, this should probably be in GB&C.
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Building a body is going to take a long time. You should build the body first before buying parts. If you find out you can't make it you'll have a pile of parts and no guitar. Theres a lot that goes into the body design to get a good sounding guitar. Putting in the electronics is a minor detail. Just getting it to play in tune, having the neck set up properly, installing the bridge in the proper location, is going to be extremely difficult to get right.

That being said, it would be much easier buying a body, or maybe waiting to find a deal on a beat up guitar nobody wants. Say you end up with two parts guitars, and then you could combine them and use the best parts. You'll still end up with something unique..and it will keep you busy for a LONG time. Learn how to solder on it..you'll thank yourself later.