Hey guys. I'm going to be buying a Mesa Dual Rectifier Solo Head soon, and am going to need a new cabinet to go with it.

I was wondering what you fellow UGer's would recommend.

I've already looked into two amps (Basson B412 w/ eminence legends ($640) and Port City 412 w/ eminence canibus rex ($1100)) and wanted to see how they compared as well.

I'd like to be able to play a variety of styles, but mainly Pop Punk and Alternative Rock.
avatar cabs are great
Vox Ac 30 (main)
Fender Supersonic with Krank Krankenstien 4x12
OR 50 with 4 x 12
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Check out Mills Acoustics cabs, I have heard a lot of good things about them.

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Vader Cabs if you can afford
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hey man,

i asked the same question to some knowledgeable people i know when i bought my mesa dual rectifier road king v2 about a year ago - the consensus was to get a mesa cab. NOT just because of brand loyalty or anything - but because their cabs have a "high cut" circuit to compensate for mesa amps' notoriously crackly top end - plus their cabs that are loaded with v30's sound 'best' live and recorded IMO. HOWEVER, if you do your own research and find a cheaper one with a "high cut" circuit (the mesa standard ones are like $999 last i checked), then i'd say go for it… but i'll tell you, from my experience i had a marshall jcm900 LEAD A (slanted) cab which i thought sounded really good with my Road King, so nothing BAD about that cab (or most other cabs for that matter) - but i'd be lying if i didn't say that i LOVED how it sounded with the oversized standard mesa cab with the vintage 30s

bottom line, i'd get the mesa standard cab (taller than traditional) or do a LOT of research before i decided on something else

hope this helps, sorry if i talked in circles or sound confusing, let me know if you have any more ?'s