So! It would be great if someone went into specific details as to what really differentiates EMGs
More tone wise than technical, but as long as you're helping me it's good information
Going over 60s, 81s, 85s, and these 89's my friend won't stop bragging about would be awesome
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1. take it to Electric guitar
2. EMGs make every guitar sound the same.
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EMG's have a built in pre-amp. This is what makes them 'Active'.

not to mention the fact that they need batteries.

I prefer SD Blackouts, they sound beefier and I have both on different guitars with similar properties and the SD own the EMG's
I've got my EMG SAs in my strat. They sound sexy. I plan on getting the tone expanders to make them sexier.
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1) Take it to GB&A
2) They're useless tonesuckers
Also *reported*
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I don't like them to much to be honest. Sure they were cool and heavy at first, but I still prefer my DiMarzios
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