i have a chance to purchase this guitar in mint condition for $500. the seller also claims that it is very rare. i could not find anything about it on the net aside from youtube. it sounds fantastic, but what makes it "special" and rare? is it worth $500, or are there better buys in this category? thanks!!!
It seems a little weird that someone would sell a "rare mint condition" guitar by a high end company for $500. Do you have a chance to see it and play it before you buy it?

EDIT: didn't see the SL part. Sorry about that. Can't really help there as I have no experience with those.
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yes, i will be able to see and handle it before purchase. the problem is that i am not a guitar player. the whole thing started when i decided to upgrade my son from a big box lyon washburn (with Paul Stanley sig) to a real guitar. after some fairly extensive research, i figured that a used Epi Les Paul for $200-$250 range should be enough for now, considering he has been at it for less than 2 years. he really seems to have a knack and interest in playing, and he loves acdc. so i felt as though i was undercutting him with that "pretend" guitar he has been using.
and now this SL opportunity drops into my lap. it is twice what i was planning on spending, but i would not turn it down if it is the real thing. so to come back to my original question, what makes it "special"? also, what indicators should i look for in order to determine its authenticity, so to speak?
do it, $500 is basically the standard price for a Gibson i'd say. You won't get a Gibson cheaper then $400-500 anyway, so getting one thats rare at that price is a big plus.
Also the SL models a lighter weight than the regular Les Paul Special.
Definitely buy it.
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the special lites with the trapezoid inlays are rarer but not that valued. I bought mine for 650. They come with gibson p100s which are some of the worst stacked p90s ever. Other then that the guitar is nice. Slab mahogany body. No maple cap. Very simple and pretty awesome.
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