I have a jamman loop sampler and I am trying to figure out how to get samples that I have created from music production software and from movie clips I have recorded and sampled, onto the memory disk. I believe they need to be converted to .wav format, even though the online instruction manual says to just copy and paste the files into the loop folder. I have tried doing this with the winamp decoder, converting from mp3 file to .wav, but havent had any luck with that either. Any help would be appreciated.
I used to have the Jamman and do this also. All I would do was set it to auto start when it got a signal then directly record them on the pedal through the aux input. I never did try the whole drag and drop files, but I think my longest sample was only a couple of minutes.
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ok explain the process.....

cause ive been trying to do the drag and drop process and its soooo complicated. I switched the mp3 to .wav and over to 16bit mono or whatever, and then dropped it in after converting, even dropped into one with an xml file like ive been reading about, and still can't get it to work.

I recorded some samples, from a movie, by using a WAV editor called wavosaur, and i really want to be able to play them live with the pedal. Im in an advanced music production class in college and our final project is to do some sort of live performance using what we've been doing the most, and that's what ive been working on.

so I need as much info as I can get to do this right.
It's possible. I've put backing tracks on mine. Been a while and there might be some special requirements in the files, including naming rules. So let's do a web search....

Here ya go.


Here is the revised process that works.

1) Create your loop/backing track. It must be saved as a 44.1khz, 16 bit MONO .wav file. A stereo file will not work.

2) In the JamMan CF card directory, create a folder for your loop. The folder must be named LOOPxx, where xx are digits from 0 to 9. For example, a folder can be called LOOP21, or LOOP97.

3) Prior to moving your loop to the folder on the CF card, name it LOOP.wav. This is the only name that works.

4) Move your loop into the folder you created in step 2.

5) Disconnect your JamMan from your computer. If you did everything right, when you select the loop number that corresponds to the folder you placed it in, the Loop light should be lit, and if you press play, the loop will play.
when i make the file, there isn't an .xml file for it. I thought you HAD to have an .xml file in each loop in order for it to work. If thats the case how do i create one for a .wav file that was converted from mp3????