New song. It's metal of the more simple and melodic variety. I really like the way the solo turned out. Sorry if the vocals/lyrics suck hopefully I will form a band soon with someone with some vocal talent. The song is on my profile, Enjoy.
the drums were pretty overpowering...the vocals were not loud enough either. it actually took me a while to notice that there was singing....you've got something goin but a few adjustments will make it better
So I just saw the link you left me, lol. Anyhow, right from the start, the song draws me in. It's nice and brutal. The vox really take away from the quality of the song, they completely lack feeling. Aside from that, you've got a really nice composition here. The solo is good, personally I'd make it a little more thrashy sounding, I.E. Megadeth-ish. But that's just me. You've got a really solid track here.

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Nice song dude. The initial riff is a great hook. I like when you slow the tempo down, it makes for a cool breakdown. The solo is actually pretty good, I agree, I think your tone could be a bit beefier though. Definitely work on getting a vocalist, the vocal melodies weren't all that bad but the delivery was lacking. In the meantime keep practicing your own singing, everyone can sing and you'll get better eventually.

I really do like the main riff though and the solo is good. The song is pretty grooving. Good song overall, sort the vocals out and you'll have a really nice track on your hands.

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