I went to the store (guitar center) the other day and was checking out amps and fell completely in love with the Vox night train. It comes with a 25 watt 1x12 vox cab. Should I get a different one? If so bigger? Different brand? In all likelyhood i will play live with a drummer.
Unless your drummer is King Kong you'll be fine with it. I'd go for a 2x12 though.
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I'm assuming you're playing lighter stuff if you like the Night Train. I've found more of the lighter genre's drummers are easier on their drums in the beating department. If you were playing metal/hard rock, it might have a hard time keeping up at only 15w.

I'd probably at least get a 2x12, but if the cab is well matched with the head, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to get by with it (assuming the amp is loud enough for your practices).
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what are you asking? speaker wattage is the max wattage it can receive from power amp and accurately reproduce. typically you want it rated a little higher than your amp so that you don't stress it or it could start making gross noises and whatnot, so 25w for a 15w head is good.

but getting a speaker rated 50 isnt gonna make it any louder, it just means it can handle 50w if you're putting that much out.
Thank you all so very much! I think I am starting to understand all this. I guess I have one last question to ask:

How much do the amount and size of speakers affect tone and volume?