Today while playing a gig I kinda rocked my way into the side there wasnt any light and almost messed up cause i could see the fret markers, is there anyway to avoid this instead of moving in the no light area? like maybe a LED or something that attaches to the nut?
you look at your fret markers?
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You could use led fret markers, however i'm not sure how you're gonna retrofit it. They're normally installed into new guitars
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or practice so much that you can pretty much memorize the positions
get a guitar with no fret markers. then you'll be forced not to rely on them
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I can't tell you what they're called, TS, but I can tell you that they definitely do exist. I don't know how much that helps though.
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something like this?


just recorded that for ya. it's by ice pix - attaches to the strings above the nut. used it live for quite a while... shaped like a pick, but has a bright LED in the tip

EDIT: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ice-Pix-FIX-Fretboard-Illuminator-X?sku=421450 appears to be discontinued though... eBay?!
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Maybe some glow in the dark paint? Just put a little dab over the fret markers. I think it would work OK.
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Get glow in the dark stickers!

Or just learn to play properly (JK)

I have seen a few guitars with leds mounted on the headstock that shine along the fretboard. Looks really cool and could solve your problem.
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You could, like earlier suggested get some LED's installed in your guitar, but that's expensive.

LED Guitar:
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Glow in the dark fret markers. They come as stickers and are fairly cheap. Just stick them on top of your inlays that are already there.

Obviously you'll need to charge them up before you go on though, so maybe bring a small flash light with you and shine it on each one for a bit before you go on?
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you look at your fret markers?

You don't?

If I don't keep a pretty constant stare at my fingers/fretboard, I'll surely mess up, and I've been playing for 6 years. I mean, I know blind people play guitar, but I don't understand.
I've logged maybe 100 hours on guitar and I don't look at my hands at all.

Then again, I'm used to fretless instruments so this is easymode.
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yeah, i don't really look at the guitar much :/ it's just not necessary after a few years of playing, especially if you play live a lot.

but seriously, i even recorded a video with the awesome cheap solution and it gets ignored?!

last time i put... 5 minutes... of effort into a response
Just practice playing without looking.
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Gotta admit though, the idea of a little blue LED at the nut pointing down the fingerboard is inviting. I can see that looking good on my Gilchrist if done well. Maybe a watch battery? Hmmm, blue Leds have a fwd bias of about 2.5V, might need two.
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dude. just do this drill like.

2nd finger 14 fret

3rd finger 4th fret

1st finger 12th fret

and randomly like that over and over again, for a full day w/o looking at your fingers . and you'll have it down.
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