Well Pit, As the title says. I'm keen on adding another instrument to my skill set and I'm planning to buy a used drum kit off ebay. I was just wondering, what should I be
looking for to get the best value for money in terms of drums, cymbals, brands etc.

Probably looking to pick up a used kit for $200-$300.

Your thoughts Pit
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I dont know anything about drums, but my friend bought a drum kit used but discovered it didn't have all the wing nuts included, so his tom's wouldnt stay still. So definitely check for that.

I think they're called wing nuts anyway
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id look for some other way to buy it other than ebay. craigslist, the classifieds in your newspaper, a local music shop, etc. atleast then you get to see the kit and try it out before putting money down on it.
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TS take it to the drum thread
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if i was you i would buy your drum kit off of www.thomann.de. all the stuff they sell is brand new and you can find extra stuff from there for cheap i got a double bass pedal from germany (where they are based) in 3 working days
Look for things like general wear and tear, check the drum isn't out of round, the bearing edges aren't damaged and check for any major cracks and things.

You won't get much for $200-$300 though. It'll be more like a toy drum kit.
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