hi. ive been trying to write a sort of industrial piece for a few weeks now but havent hardly got anything done aside from yesterday and today. when i finish the song ill put it on my profile here, but for now its just at soundclick. all of the vox are just random conversation ive recorded at my band practices. there's no bass track yet. im still figuring out what exactly im gonna go with the guitars. i think ill play the one riff you hear for a bit longer.

let me know if you think its great or if it sucks! thanks! and C4C


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Great stuff man! I really like the atmospheric feel to it, and the drums sound excellent, both tone and performance. The guitars sounded a bit dark to me when I first listened to it, but upon hearing it a second time, it appears to very well fit the atmosphere of the song. When you add the bass track, just hi-pass and brighten the guitars a tiny bit so the two instruments don't clash. Good luck with writing and recording the rest of the work! It sounds awesome so far, and I can't wait to hear the rest!

Thanks for the comments on my work by the way!