I'm looking at getting some pedals in the near future,and I'm pretty solid on my choices,except the delay pedal.
I'm looking at buying the pedal in the U.S then shipping it over to Australia.My budget is about $200 U.S however,if there is a pedal that really fits the bill,I'd be prepared to stretch a little.
I'd be using it mainly on bass,but it's more than likely to be used on guitar and keyboard aswell (maybe even vocals every now and then).
I play with a big muff boosted by a DS-2 so the pedal will be taking very fuzzy sounds.
I would like to have a short loop on there,just enough to record a riff and loop it so I can do other things whilst having the bass still going.
I've looked at the electro harmonix hazarai,the line 6 DL whatever it is,the akai headrush and the guyatone tube hybrid delay.
Any opinions on what would suit me best would be great.

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Originally posted by Gunpowder:
Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon and gives the same advice in these situations. You know what? I'm going to be different. Call the firemen.
I would honestly get a separate looper pedal. Playing over a loop without being able to use your delay just takes half the fun out of it.

Are you looking for analog or digital?

For analog, check out

Malekko 616
Ibanez AD9
EHX memory man/toy
mxr carbon copy
mad professor deep blue

for digital look into

Boss DD7
Line 6 DL4
Anyone got experiences with particular pedals?
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Originally posted by Gunpowder:
Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon and gives the same advice in these situations. You know what? I'm going to be different. Call the firemen.
Well, the only delay that I've tried that also has a looper - and that I'd happily recommend - is the Digitech Hardwire Delay/Looper. It's an ugly beast but sounds very nice, has plenty of features, is made well and isn't in the least bit expensive. I have no idea how it will sound with bass. In fact, the only delay pedal I know works well with bass is the Jam Pedals Delay Llama, but that's not cheap and not your average delay pedal.

My personal experience with the Malekko Ekko 616 is extremely positive. I own three pedals from Malekko, including the 616, and I'm very glad that I do. Like the Delay Llama, it isn't very "usable" according to some. It feedbacks sooner than most pedals, has a very weird warble-y effect that can be dialed in the signal, and has a noticeable organic, raw tone to the repeats, which, as I said, isn't everyone's cup of tea.

The EHX Memory Man is an awesome unit if you want a cheap alternative to something as expensive and action-packed as the Empress Superdelay or Diamond Memory Lane 2. It is a quality unit, fo sho, with awesome tones for the price.

You might wanna check out the Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport Delay. It sounds really tasty from the clips - though it's a brand-new release, so you may prefer to skip something so fresh and "untested".

The MXR Carbon Copy is similar to the Malekko Ekko 616 in features, tone and price. I feel it's a little less charasmatic and unique, but certainly an excellent delay in it's own way. The repeats are slightly cleaner than the 616, but not quite as clean as the Digitech Hardwire or maybe even the EHX. Most of these models vary from around 100-750ms of delay time, which is what the average player uses. Increasing your budget or going digital will offer greater delay times.

The Lovepedal Echobaby is a sweet unit. Very simple and not particularly versatile in the sense that it only has one knob that controls both time and modulation. Sounds fantastic, but imo, it's a little pricey for what you get.

Although I haven't specifically tried it yet, the Way Huge Aqua Puss is supposed to be an awesome delay pedal.

If you're only looking for a basic delay that sounds original and has a unique quality to it, I'd suggest the Aqua Puss or Ekko 616.

If, however, you want something a bit more optional, then the Electro Harmonix range of delays should be ideal. So should the TC Electronics digital range of delays, and the Subdecay Echobox.

Really, mate, there are very few delays that sound "bad". It's often simply a matter of finding one with the features that are perfect for you. In which case, just go to Tonefactor.com ProGuitarShop.com Prymaxevintage.com pedalspluseffectswarehouse.com and search the delays they have there.
Analog, the EHX Deluxe Memory Boy is just awesome, though I'm not great on currency conversions, so I don't know if it fits your budget. Digital, the Boss DD-7 is the classic for a reason XD

And I'm with denied on the looping point - buy a separate one - the Boss RC Series are the best, or there's the Digitech Jamman series
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