i have my FR, but i'm thinking when i get another guitar, i don't really want one (they really piss me off) so what would be some good trem styles?
You want another tremolo but your Floyd pisses you off?

So you want like a strat-style/PRS-style trem? No locking nuts and whatnot?
You still have the spring tension and whatnot to worry about..
its not that.... its just mine is so touchy, if the bar isn't in tight enough all you get is this shitty buzzing from the strings, and the nuts always have to be perfect, it just shits me and i feel like i don't use it well enough
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Then I say scrap the whole idea of a trem for you. My personal opinion would just be get a hardtail. Very easy. I will never own another guitar with a FR. At least not an Ibanez liscenced Edge-III.. God it's so bad. So bad.. I'm so happy I sold that thing.
I agree, get something that has a tune-o-matic or standard hard tail bridge. The only people who really use floating trem systems are people willing to put in the time to fine tune the bridge (which is a bitch).
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