Hey guys.

So i have two days to learn a blues song for an in class solo. Please only anything under 5 minutes.....

Jazz songs, and also bass songs are also acceptible.
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something bb king?

thats just classic so. i really recommend thrill is gone i love that song !
Maggot brain, awesome song
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something bb king?

This. You should have a lot of choices...

(You want to impress them -- play "How Blue Can You Get")

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Anything by Robert Johnson. Dust My Broom and Crossroad Blues come to mind.
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Why not just improv over a 12 bar blues progression? That's what I would do.
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Why not just improv over a 12 bar blues progression? That's what I would do.

Because that's not a song.

Anyway, TS, I'd recommend a blues standard. Something like THe Thrill Is Gone, Red House, Got My Mojo Workin', or something like that.

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A lot of structure, yet a lot of room for improv.