Heyy i was wandering where is the best place to start in learning jazz. I know basic theory such as chord construction, minor scale and major scale. I really want to learn some basic jazz chords/improv and a few standards such as somewhere over the rainbow and autumn leaves to expand my playing. Any tips Can you also explain what jazz fusion is cause i am not sure and what is unaccompanied jazz
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Buy a book. Get a CD of jazz music. Its complex, so unless you listen to music in the jazz genre with the intent to learn, its gonna be an uphill battle. The best way to start learning jazz is with a teacher, but a book works too.
I recommend listening to a wide variety of jazz as well. It's grown into such a complex form over the many years...
You can go from basic rhythm chording as was done in the big-band era to the sort of accompanying/soloing stuff from the small groups (like the Hot Club Quintet) through Joe Pass and Barney Kessell..... On and on.
Do some listening to find out what you like (and think you can handle) and then work on it.