okay here's my problem, i can write songs, pretty good songs but they're always heavily influenced by whatever band I'm listening to at the time, i have books full of songs that sound like, maiden, sabbath, metallica, white stripes, the clash, ramones, pink floyd, but none of them sound original, so has anyone got any tips for writing songs that sound original.
hopefully that makes sense
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Hey man, you're new here, but this isn't the right place to post the thread, the "Techniques" subforum is

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I may as well answer while im here though - try and blend styles, and its never a bad idea to have an influence. How do you think most music comes about anyway these days? Don't give up because it sounds like another famous band, the bands youve listed are very pinnacle in their respective genres, so sounding like them simply indicates you've written a song that sorta fits with their genre. Don't worry so much about massive amounts individuality, especially when starting out as a writer, its difficult to come up with something groundbreaking, especially as most stuff you'll write about has been written about 10 or 100 times before.
I'd say never worry about sounding 'original'.

Write the song as you think it should be, and if it sounds like someone else so be it. Going out of your way to make it 'original' is most likely just going to make it terrible.