Hey. I would like to know how I would go about making a pedal which allows me to switch from my clean channel to the distortion.

I have a Valveking 112 if that helps.


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Quote by SilverSpurs616
just buy one

Umm... no. Sean obviously wants to make one, not buy one. Dont just tell him to do something he obviously doesnt wants to do, suggest it along with WHY you think he should do it.
Just telling him to buy one is no help at all. If you have to argue with him, state why you think your idea is better, otherwise you will just be ignored.
An A/B pedal switches between two different amps.

What hes actually looking for a channel switching pedal. He mind as well just buy one than make one since the process could be complicated. If the amp doesn't have a channel switch pedal input on it then he will have to mod the amp as well.
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