not bad but if you wanna sound really good big tip is to play an easy song while playin guitar, the better together was good but i can tell you were balancing your concentration on the guitar and singing (which is relli relli f'ing hard). Also project you voice a bit you have the same tone when your talkin, try smoothing down words when you sing so you don't get all the 't' and 'd' sounds. You could also try adding vibrato and other techniques.

All constructive criticism I'm afraid, but relax your a lot better then most people, you have talent man. SO DONT TAKE THIS TOO HARD.
haha yeah deadsoloist i completely accept and understand constructive criticism, thanks for the help. And yeah since better together I've gotten a lot better at singing especially after I was up on stage for about a half hour playing songs in front of 250+ people at my school