The title says it all, i hav a couple of pedals but they all sound like shit through my peavey vypyr 15w since its a modeling amp, i was wondering what the best amp i could get for a good clean tone and pedals

my pedals consist of:
BOSS ME-25 MultiEffects Pedal
EHX USA Big Muff Pi

My budget at the moment is $350
^^Not quite $350 but


If you want gigging volume id reccomend a solid state peavey of some kind.
My old drummer had one of these, quite sweet cleans actually.

You could probably get a peavey classic 30/20 in your price range too.
Theres a Roland JC90 on Guitarcenter.com for $190...

Besides that, a Fender Blues JR or a HRD would be good.
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have a look for a single channel tube amp, fenders have a very nice clean

This. Check out silverfaces (70s models) they're cheap.
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