Im looking for new guitar and I realy can't decide which guitar should I take. I like LPs, epiphone, gibson..
And what do you think about gibson LP studio faded cherry?

No way the Gibson Les Paul Studio blows any ESP ltd out of the water.
You might not want to get a faded as they are chambered and sound diffrent then real les Pauls!
1. Ok, Im new here, sorry.
2.Rock, funk, hard rock, other... RHCP, Buckethead, Guano apes..
4.Roland Cube 30x, metal core & dd7 (boss).
Mmm, Gibson Studios are okay as far as I know, have you checked out the Epi Elitist series? I've heard great stuff about them, it doesn't have the Gibson name on it but they look quite okay, never played one myself though

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2.Rock, funk, hard rock, other... RHCP, Buckethead, Guano apes..

That looks like a job for a Strat-type guitar, you could get a beautiful MIA Strat for $1100, how "hard" rock are we talking about? If not, or if it's too hard for a Strat (non-modded) to handle, a Gibson SG would run you a bit over $1100, but not so much (I think it was around $1300 or so), extremely worth it.

So... final recommendation would be: save up a little for a Gibby SG, try it out first but in theory it looks like your match.

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Try and get a used LP studio. The LTD is a great instrument but the pickups are a bit too high output making it better for metal but not as versatile.
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get a micheal kelly patriot, so much better than over-rated gibsons


Get a used Gibson LP Studio
I have an Epiphone Ultra II, it cost me $850, its got a beautiful finish and plays great. It has a nano-pickup so you can make the guitar sound acoustic or use an A/B pedal and your able to switch between the two. Check it out, watch some youtube vids on it. Definitely better than any low end model gibson your gunna get with for the price range.
Look for some used gear. You can get great gear for a fraction of what it goes for new.
Used PRS McCarty, Mira, CE22 or 24.
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