I just ordered my first pedalboard, a Pedaltrain 2, and am figuring out how to secure my pedals to it. For those of you who use 3M Dual Lock, which size and thickness do you use? (And in a related question, how wide are the crossbars on the PT2?) Has anyone used the low-profile Dual Lock? Is it strong enough, and worth the lower profile?

Thanks, cheers!
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IIRC there comes velcro with the Pedaltrains.

Yeah, they do come with velcro, but everything I've read suggests that the PT velcro isn't quite strong enough. I've heard good things about the Dual Lock though, so I was hoping to hear a little bit more.
Dual lock is great stuff and very strong, totally recommend it over the regular fabric stuff.
But it is much more expensive.

We used 250 to attach a Morley and a Behringer FCB1101 to a heavy piece of diamond plating. Added 2 strips for the Morley and about 4 or 5 for the 1101. We can easily lift the entire board by just lifting up the Morley pedal.