I just got a little 1x10" speaker cabinet to use with my Valve Junior when I'm traveling and I was wondering how tough it would be to mount the VJ chassis directly into the cab. Ideally I'd like to be able to move the chassis from the head to the cab when I travel, then back to the headshell for use with my 4x12 at home.

Assuming I can take my time and measure properly and all that, and assuming I will have to retolex when I'm done, do you think this is possible or is the necessary cutting likely to affect the construction of the cab too significantly? I haven't opened it up yet, so I don't know how much space I'm dealing with, or what type of supports I may have to cut out. Just thought I'd bounce off a few of you guys here first.
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If you look it up, you'll see that there is infact a combo version of the EVJ. Your best bet would be to buy a big piece of MDF and track down someone with the combo version and base your measurements on that.

Also, it would be much more sensible to just keep it in it's new cab instead of switching and changing; just put a jack on the speaker and run it off a cable from the output.

I would reccomend building a 1x10 cab and using that though as it's much less hassle.

EDIT: You won't be able to put it into a head version of an EVJ. If you look through the grill on the back you'll see the tubes hang down and whilst there is some space there is no way in hell you'd fit a 10 inch speaker in there.
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So you want a head, that is attatched to a cab for transporting, but can be detatched for home practise?

I think instead of mounting the VJ in the cab it would be easier to attatch it ON TOP of the cab, using a semi-permament fixing, which you can then detatch quickly and easily whenever you want. Kinda like using velcro for pedal-boards - will keep them attatched firmly, but can be removed when you want.

Or have i completely missed the point here...?
^Because I just want it to be the size of the speaker cab, especially since the head is damn near as big as the cab... I dunno I guess its an OCD thing.

Vauxite: I have a head version, and a 1x10 speaker cab. I want to put the chassis of the head into the speaker cabinet. I'm fairly certain just from eyeballing that it will go, my main question is how I would cut into the cab to mount the chassis, and how much damage this would do to the cab.

Minnis: No, you got it... And I guess that's probably the best idea. I have been known to fashion some pretty cool mounting devices in my car audio days, so that's a definite possibility.
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It was actually me posting as Vauxite as I was at his house earlier.

I thought you meant that you wanted a speaker inside the EVJ head.

but yeah, basically the head uses two mdf rails attached to the sides to mount the head and then four screws in the top.
All you'd have to do would be add rails for it to sit on and holes in the top (provided the amp will fit)
Post a pic of the speaker cabinet. Without that, all people can do is speculate.
My speculation: unless the cab was designed to have a head in it, I am 94.3% sure the VJ chassis will not fit.
Just had an idea - Imagine a chest of drawers. When you want to remove the one drawer, you just pull it out, lift over that bumpy part, and it'll come out, but it wont fall out by itself. If you mount the VJ like a drawer, then it'll be relatively easy to seperate it, wont come apart by itself and would look AWESOME!!!
Might need a bit of work to the cab to get the VJ to fit in, but your gonna get that with any idea. Other than that, just fit some drawer runners to the VJ and the inside of the cab and you're done.
Cedricsmods, Didn't you make a tuturial on this?
Or am I thinking of something else?
Yours could've been Combo to Head, I don't know.
..I was watching my death.
it's combo to head Timbit, I found his thread, forgot about his thread, worked out the conversion and found it again :P
it's combo to head Timbit, I found his thread, forgot about his thread, worked out the conversion and found it again :P

Read cedricsmods Combo to head conversion tutorial backwards.
Should work.
..I was watching my death.
I would mount the head on top of the cab myself...
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