Has anyone ever heard of or seen an effects pedal that would give an electric bass a double bass tone? I have done a considerable amount of searching and have come up short. Now I would simply purchase a double bass if I had the room/money and work from there but I don't. If such an effect doesn't exist would anyone have any EQ recommendations to obtain close to that tone?
So like an acoustic pedal for guitars?
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So like an acoustic pedal for guitars?

Probably not, 'cos he doesn't want an acoustic bass sound. Just an upright bass sound... lol
Well mtshark is on the right track. My friend had been looking at the guitar pedals that turn the electric guitar sound into an acoustic sound which gave me the idea to look into a pedal that would do electric bass into double bass.
Fretless with flatwound strings as about as close you're gonna get. Even EUBs don't replicate the upright bass sound perfect.
I have tried pedals and modeling devices that allege to do this. None of them come close and all sounded downright awful There are ways you can get the spirit of the tone (playing closer to the neck for example) and you can EQ to minimize sustain, but its not going to come close.