Hey guys, I just posted a song on my profile; it's the first! so yea, check it out. It's called "Vermata." Thanks! lml
^basically this. I love the eeriness of it, and how it builds upon itself. You could do better on the audio quality, but I could see it turning into something epic, this as the intro.

C4C in profile.
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not relaly jazz fusion.. let alone do i even know what jazz fusion is.. but learn sharp dressed man by zz top
yea, the quality is really bad, I must say. and it's on an electric piano so that doesn't exactly make it better :P anyways, im gonna work on that. I was basically done, tho I've thought abt adding some things, not too sure, but we'll see. thanks guys (: btw, i'll check yours out in a while.
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wow.. sounded like a piece for the movie "pianist" or the mini series "the pacific" ahahaha

u got a good idea going on there... continue working on the song... its not yet finished(well at least to me its not)

for a Piano oriented song... I think it would e best if u go for at least 4 minutes to 7 minutes... cos honestly... like the rest said.. it sounded quite epic... it will be a waste for it to be just 2 or 3 minutes....

tell ur pain/sorrow or whatever that comes to ur mind through the notes.... all the best for ya... and its ok for the quality to be like this... as it is ur 1st time rite....

~Cheers~ I would love ur opinion on my piece(not a piano)